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Holidailies 15: New Planner (2) 365 Everyday Planner

My second planner came in the mail today!! Here is a short review of it. I’ll have to compare it side to side with the Slow and Steady planner later. So, here is the 365 Everyday Planner.

Name: 365 Everyday Planner

Brand: Lenwa/Lianhua

County: China (sales page says Korean but the text on the back is Chinese)

Colour: Green

The colour is just… WOW! Green and yellow and the cover is matte, but the title is actually shiny.

The planner is quite uncomplicated, it markets itself as a yearly/monthly/daily planner with some extra planning elements, and it is precisely that. It’s more of a project planner than you’d usually expect. But, it does those things rather well.

The planner opens with two spreads for a year worth of planning.

Then a single spread for a weeks project plan. Not exactly sure how to use this.

Twelve monthly spreads.

Two project pages, there are eight of these pages in total in the book, this is the only place where there are two of the pages side by side.

Between the project pages there are 31 pages worth of double dailies, so 62 days or about two months worth. There are 6 of these two month blocks, coming up to a full year.

The total top of the page starts with a row of months, then under it you fill out the dates and the weather, below that some main points for the day. And down the page you can decide for yourself how to use the space. Plus the box at the bottom can be used for a range of things.

A page of dailies and a page of project planning side by side.

There are two 21 day plan pages at the back.

Then there are 27 lined pages, and look at the adorable two coloured lines!

And a name and data page at the back.

These planners come in three or so different versions, but this one I liked best. It was the one with the least frilly stuff.

I did of course try out some pens. I’m pretty impressed with the paper!

Also, this one has a page marker!


It looks nice, the quality of the paper is pretty good! I don’t know what to think about the lack of weekly pages, but I do like the daily pages layout.

What do you think? Do you prefer the look of this one or the Slow and Steady planner?



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