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ADHDailies 10: Jobs

Jobs, those things that hopefully make sure that we can eat and have a roof over our head. Getting a job is hard, for everyone, but many people with ADHD find both getting but also keeping a job one of the hardest things there is. I’ve hears many stories from people over the years, but generally the reasons come down to people being too all-over-the-place, not being able to keep to the time and not being able to make deadlines. My own autistic trait of having not only issues with incoming stimulation of things around me but also having problems being even more easily overwhelmed when I’m in social situations has trying to choose a job to go for even harder.

I am, like many other ADHD and autistic brains, a very creative person. I’m an author, I publish my own books and, these days, I’ve also started to create a blog and Youtube channel combination for Easily Distracted Planner. I’ve been a full-time author for two years now. Things go up and down, often depending on how well my brain is functioning at that time.

In the past, I’ve been a warehouse packer and scanner and I’ve been a mailman (mailwoman?). I left both these jobs for different reasons, though the jobs themselves were never the issue. At those times, I became strongly aware of some of my weaknesses, but also some of my own strengths. In the years after, as I got back into education and got both my bachelor and my masters degree, I also realised that I was going to have to learn to live with not only my job but also my own abilities to keep that job.

I’m a teacher at heart, I’ve always been. It’s what I love, and it’s why I write blog posts, why I started my Youtube channel. I love letting people learn new things, and I’m a huge cheerleader for people, though I can be headstrong and strict when needed. These are my strengths, my biggest weakness, and reason why I’m not a teacher now, is that I can’t work with big groups of people. I can’t make the hours that would be required of me if I worked at a school or a college. This is my own sad truth. I can’t do that because I do not have the energy to deal with the surroundings, to deal with the social pressures or to deal with the hours that would be required of me.

So, instead, I’m an author. I share my ideas through the stories that I write. I write blog posts that can (hopefully) sometimes teach people things about themselves or the world. And I learn so much about myself in the meantime.

Not all jobs will be perfect for everyone. Being in a creative business, especially when you do things on your own, requires that you set your own deadlines, that you’re able to keep yourself going and that you play to your own strengths.

I may not be able to teach at a school, but school is not the only place where people learn, and as an author, I love my life, I love my work, I love my job.

What is the job that you think would work best for you, or what is the job that you’re doing that you love?



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