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New Planner (3) Hobonichi Techo Cousin 2017 [unboxing and review]

I know that I was supposed to post about my planner choices earlier this month, and since I gave reviews of both the 365 Everyday Planner and the Slow and Steady planner, I was expecting to do that. But both planners had things that I didn’t enjoy, so, against my better judgement, I ordered a… Continue reading New Planner (3) Hobonichi Techo Cousin 2017 [unboxing and review]

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Holidailies 20: My Work Planner as an Author

Since we’re going into the new year, I’ve been reviewing my planner systems. One thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of is people trying to find new ways to perfect their planning systems. In a lot of author communities I’ve also seen the need to get to see some author planners, so here is mine.

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Holidailies 18: Weekly Food Planning: Making Your Own Recipe Book (in a Disk Bound System)

In this day and age, most people will probably find their recipes online. I love that I can just search some ingredients and get a whole host of recipes to make with them. But when I’m in the kitchen… I don’t have a device with a screen near me, and I can’t be the only person who bookmarks a recipe, only to forget its existence… For that reason, I’ve started collecting recipes in my own “Recipe Book”, that way they’re always at hand and I can go through them as I would with other recipe books. The best part, they’ll all be recipes I’m actually interested in making! You can, of course, make this in other systems too, but my examples will use a disk bound system as I like the versatility of it.

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Holidailies 17: Notebook Organisational Tip, Indexing/Table of Contents 

An important part of the Bullet Journal system is the Index or Table of Contents at the beginning of the book. Because the idea is to take the next page in your notebook for every idea you have, things can get confusing fast. These ideas can also be used in other notebooks and systems.