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Hobonichi 2018 haul!!! OMG!!

I’ve been waiting for months before I could order, but on Dec 1st, I could finally order my 2018 Hobonich planners! The new Hobonichi planners came out on Sep 1st, my birthday, but I had to wait until this month because one of their books that I wanted, their new 5-Year book, wouldn’t be released until the 1st of Dec. So, for the last months I’ve watched with envy as so many of my planner friends got their hauls in, but yesterday I finally received my yellow box! Each year Hobonichi has a different colour box, last year’s, which you can see in last year’s review, was a sweet soft pink. This year is a very bright yellow!


Sadly enough, my box got a little dented in transport. The insides were fine, but the box is a little crinkly on one side. My 2017 boxes I’m using for storing things in right now. One is filled with pen and ink boxes I’ve collected in the last two years. My other one (I ordered twice, once last December, and then again in Feb for the Spring release) I’m using to store Hobinichi related things in and I’ll probably store my 2017 planners and things in it for safekeeping. That way I’ll be able to keep everything together and also have a nice memory box.

I don’t have any unpacking pictures, as all these pics are made after I filmed my unboxing. The video should be online on the Easily Distracted Planner channel soon. I’ll get to it after typing this post, which I’m doing one-handed since I did something to my left wrist over the weekend and it’s been hurting since. I’ve wrapped it up today so I can’t use it because *trying* not to use it isn’t working for me, I keep forgetting. So I went the more radical way today and wrapped it up. Bummer. So, any typos or other wonkiness in this post, I apologise in advance(-ish).

For more information and pictures of everything, that will be in the video!

My first cool thing in the box is that new 5-Year Techo. It’s so pretty!


The 5-Year is a little different from the normal Hobonichis. It’s more of a memory book than a planner. On the left page of a spread are the same day, for example Jan 1st, and then divided into 5 rows, for 2018-2022. The right side of the page is just the squared page, like the Weeks have. The outside of the book is a really lovely faux-leather and feels a little like how bibles or dictionaries are bound. Super nice and I think this will last those 5 years easily!

Next up, a new planner for me, the Weeks!


From left to right, the Waffle Stripes, the Sunset Red Weeks Mega and, still in the packaging, the Black. The black one is for my boyfriend. The Waffle Stripes is for my own planning for social media and random things. I needed something to keep track of the blog and Youtube and other things now I’ve added those to my workload. One place for notes and plans seemed like a good idea. The Weeks Mega is for our household. We’re working a lot with loose pieces of paper for lists and notes and this way I can collect things in a single place, for shopping, appointments and even a little memory keeping.

The Weeks Mega is different from the regular Weeks in that they have extra graph pages at the back, perfect for notes and lists! Here are the two side-by-side:


That’s a lot of extra pages!

As I was flipping through the books, I did realise that the daily segments of the weekly planning don’t actually have the grid to write in that the other side of the page does have. That kind of disappointed me, I kind of assumed that that side would also have the grid, like everything else has. But I’ll figure something out.

Next up, my trusty Cousin!


This planner I’ve been using all year and I love it! The daily pages, the size, the paper, all of it! I didn’t order a cover for it because none of the cover appealed to me. Luckily I still had my Spring release cover that I wasn’t using anyway. So it’s now all wrapped up and ready for 2018!

And I ordered some extras too, first, stencils!


I already had one green Basic stencil and I adore it! This year I wanted to order a spare one for myself and one for my boyfriend. From left to right: yellow Schedule (fits best with Weeks), orange Travel, yellow Speaking, green Basic, blue Activities. I love my Basic one so much that I wanted to try the others too. They’re all the same amazing quality and very cute!

Memo Pads/Notebooks:


I didn’t order these before. They’re thin notebooks with the same paper as the Hobinichi books and the same graph paper as the planners too. They slip easily in the covers of the planners so it makes it easy to take them with me and for example collect lists and things in it that I may have to move from planner to planner each year, or just some handy note pages.

Pecil boards:


I love pencil boards! I always have them in my Hobonichi because the paper is so thin that it’s easy to indent on the page to the next page. Pencil boards prevent that and they make for easy finding your day back. I use two of them at the same time, one on the left side and one on the right, so I can use both pages at the same time.

Cover on Cover/Clear Cover and Book Darts:


Cover on Cover, or in the case of Weeks Clear Cover, are plastic covers for over a planner. For the other planners, these only fit if you use a cover on your book, hence the name Cover on Cover. They’re made to protect the covers from dirt as most of the covers are fabric covers, so they can get dirty. I only ordered them for my two weeks, as my boyfriend’s week is a fauc leather one that doesn’t get dirty as easily.

The Book Darts I’d already seen last year and I really liked them but they’d only been available in bigger tins both times I ordered. So I was very happy that these were in stick this time.



If you order from the Hobonichi website, you get extras with your order. The all the planners come with a pen. These pens are amazing Uni-ball Jetstream 3 pens. Each year they have a new colour, this year is yellow, last year was light-blue, and they have the Hobonichi brand on them. The pens have red, blue and black ink in them. My blue one is seriously running low on ink by now, I love using it for planning.

The blue dice are food dice, one has a food type (types of meat and one for veggies) and the other one has a preparation method (fry, raw, cook, etc.). They only come with the Hobonichi Planner/Original and the Cousin books. They’re funny and more useful than the toast plate from last year.

The Weeks Mega came with a special set of tabs. I originally thought that they would be metal but they’re a lovely ribbon type. Very cute!

And the envelope comes with the 5-Year. It’s specially made to fit the 5-Year for storage and stuff like that. The quality of the fabric is really high! So nice!

And that’s it. My whole haul. Look out for the video on my Youtube Channel or Easily Distracted Planner Facebook page, and I’ll make a 2017 in review and a looking forward to 2018 with my full setup soon!



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