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ADHDailies 9: Issues

This post is a little tongue-in-cheek. I went to Google and typed in ADHD I and the first one to show up was ‘ADHD issues’, so I guess I’m going with that, but let’s turn it a little on its head. We all know the issues that other people seem to point out when it comes to brains with ADHD, but let’s turn that on its head. Here are my ‘issues’ with the rest of the world.

Sitting still

What’s up with that? How can you like… not move for such long amounts of time? Not even drumming your fingers on the table? Bouncing your leg? Swaying? Nothing? What’s up with that? Moving, even a little, is like breathing… When I think, I move. When I move, I think. Sitting still is so unusual.

Having a single thought at a time

When I’m awake, I hold up to three or four different thoughts in my head at the same time. So when I’m having a conversation with you, I also thinking about something related to something you said five minutes ago, or about how the person sitting three seats down from you is talking about a different subject that I’m also interested in, and how bad these shoes are for bouncing my leg, and that the glasses on the table look a little like there is a low-key earthquake going on constantly… probably related to me bouncing my leg, I know from experience. Oh, yeah, I was having a conversation with you. Did you know that, actually, something you said on that topic we were talking about five minutes ago, there was new research on it? What? Why are you looking at me in that confused way? We were talking about that topic, we were just having a little detour into a different topic. Which, by the way, I also saw that there was a TV show that had the same subject, did you know? Oh… Hmm… No? We were still talking about these topics, keep up, please.

Being able to walk away from a task so easily

I may have multiple thoughts in my head at the same time, but when I want to dig in deep, I go deep. All my focus is on what I’m doing, all those thoughts are on different parts on the task at hand. If you’re suddenly standing up, expecting me to go have dinner or to go do something else, I can’t. What’s up with that? We were doing something that has taken over my whole brain. I can’t just walk away from it. How is that unusual? How can you just walk away? This task requires our focus for at least four more hours. No, I don’t understand that you can get hungry. Or that you need to do something else for a while. Why are you… Why are you now confused with me? All my braining power is on this, I don’t have a thought-lanes free to think about how you’re just walking away. How can you just go and do something else?

What are your ‘issues’ with people who do not have the same complex multi-thought brain as people with ADHD have?



One thought on “ADHDailies 9: Issues

  1. I hear ya on the sitting still. Why is that fun for people to sit still in the dark for 2 hours staring at something? Why am I expected to just sit still and stare all the time? BORING. Hell, if my mom sits still she falls asleep.
    Ditto the thinking too, for that matter.


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