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Holidailies 19: Slow Day

Not a long post today, I’ve got a really bad headache and everything just hurts. I’ve got loads of ideas for posts, but they’re not happening right now. But there are a few things that I’d like to chat about today, so here goes!

First, I’m so happy that I’ve made it 19 days without really running out of ideas! Sure, when I started this blog back in… *checks* September, I did have a couple of ideas, and even though I didn’t post them yet, I had written them down. So, between that and trying to find a new planner, I did have enough ideas to work with. And I’m so thankful how well received so many of the posts are!!

Second, or maybe third, if the being thankful is counted as a second thing… This is the top 5 posts (out of 18 this month and 26 posts in total) for this month:

  1. Holidailies 14: Notebook Organisational Tip, Edge Markers
  2. Holidailies 15: New Planner (2) 365 Everyday Planner
  3. Holidailies 6: New Planner (1) Slow and Steady 4 Months Daily Planner
  4. Holidailies 8: Pen Test Pages
  5. Holidailies 13: Quick Guide to Bullet Journaling

It seems you all really like my planner posts!! Thank you so much! I love writing them!!

If you haven’t read them yet, go read them (or maybe just look at the pictures)!!

And for everyone else, what other posts would you like me to make about my planners, or about food? Or even just anything else?



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