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Holidailies 6: New Planner (1) Slow and Steady 4 Months Daily Planner

Today I got some very pretty mail and since I’m not sure when the other one will come in, I’m sharing some pics of this planner first. This will be my first pre-printed planner in years.

As some people who’ve been following me for a longer time know, I’ve got a few things that I want from a planner

  • Monthly page
  • Weekly page
  • Daily page
  • Extra note pages

I’ve been Bullet Journaling for a year now, but I’ve found more and more that I gravitate to the same types of layouts and ways of getting things done. So, I’ve been looking at planners that give me the same things without me having to redraw them over and over. I’ve looked at the Hobonichi planner, but their weekly just doesn’t appeal to me, I’d prefer their weekly planner weekly in their daily notebook.

Anyway, here is my first planner that does seem to get closer to what I want.

Name: Slow and Steady

Brand: Livework

Country: Korea

Colour: Lavender

I’ve been looking at Japanese planners a lot, but it appears that there are also a lot of Korean planners that may be of interest. I’m also eyeing this brand’s 6 month student planner, but it was out of stock when I ordered and it’s only an A6 size, I prefer A5 so I went with the 4 month version instead.

Just look at that colour, isn’t that amazing?

Goal-type list on the front of the book, nice clean layout with space for different things. Plus, of course, a space for your name.

Five monthly spreads with a quote in the left top corner and the Korean on the right says something along the lines of “goal of the month”. There is space for weekly memos on the far left which can come in handy.

The weeklies exist of multiple parts, the weekly itself and the daily pages. The total pages of each week is 8 pages, 4 double spreads, which means that each day is ways on the same page. Nice!

The top of the weekly page has the week number and the dates, next to it are six goals or important things for the week.

Down the page is split into two spaces, on the left are two boxes headed (translated) “reflection and compromise” and “notes this week”. And on the right are seven spaces for daily planning and notes and all the way down the bottom is a “daily checks” section. So, while I’ll lose my monthly tracker page, I’ll still have it on the weekly page. Which is kinda neat! This is a page I’ll probably see more anyway.

Each daily page has the date and six tasks at the top and then below that half the page split into empty spaces separated by time lines and the other half is squared space, with the possibility of also using the lines there.

What I really like about this layout is that I could use half for planning and the other half for lists and other important things. This allows me to do more with a single page and still use dailies and collections side by side.

The final part is 18 pages of squares, each split into 4 sections that you can also use separately. Great for bigger collections and things I’ll refer to a lot (like my TV show tracker). I love the fact that this planner has some actual useful pages at the back.

Final page!

There is this page marker at the back that I’m not sure if I’ll use, but it looks interesting.

And then some technical stuff.

Pen tests. Basically everything ghosts (where you can see the ink on the other side really well) and bleeds (where the ink goes through the paper). This is a real bummer, but I’ll have to see how much this will stop me from using different pens. The fountain pens do decently enough (Platinum Preppy and Lamy Safari) but the fineliners are worse, especially the Stabilo.

The sizes of the squares are 3mm which is small!! You need small handwriting or just use double lines for this.

Daily pages have 25 squares wide and 58 squares high (top to bottom 15, 15, 15, 13 square high sections) squared halfs.

Pages at the back are about 49 squares wide (24 and 24 and a bit per section) and 70 and a bit high (top is 35 and a bit and bottom is 35). Which is a lot of space! Incidentally, most TV shows have between 20 and 24 episodes per season…


I’m liking the look of this! I’m a bit bummed about the paper quality, but the rest looks great! A quick check tells me that the paper quality is about the same as a Moleskine notebook when it comes to bleed, this planner does seem to ghost less though.

What do you think, does this look interesting to you?



5 thoughts on “Holidailies 6: New Planner (1) Slow and Steady 4 Months Daily Planner

  1. This looks very interesting! I’ve used a Spark planner this year (now called Ink and Volt), which has pages for yearly theme, monthly page with 30-day challenge and goals, weekly pages with goals, and two-page daily spread. I liked it fine, but I must say that all that goal setting got a little tedious. I haven’t used it in the last three weeks (surgery derailed me), but I do want to finish out the year. I’m not sure if I’ll go the planner route next year – maybe just a calendar or journal.
    PS: their site is http://inkandvolt.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll check them out. I’m definitely a planner, so I’ll either make them myself or use something that is on hand. Planning is sort of my thing. In the past year, I have sort of realised I need montly, weekly and daily overviews, or I’ll just get lost. Especially when I’m low on energy.


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