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Holidailies 22: Cooking for Christmas

Today we went shopping and I’ve been cooking ever since. Here are some of the recipes!

This is a combination of batch food that I need to make early (the cookies) and some food that we had to try out before the real date (the jalapenos and the pineapple). This weekend we’ll be celebrating Christmas with both my boyfriend’s family and my own family, so we’ve got quite a few people to cook for (everybody takes some, but it still means we need to have at least a few things for around 30 people).


Candy cane cookies!! These are almond and vanilla flavoured, but tomorrow I’ll be making a red peppermint and vanilla flavoured batch too. I’m just hoping that the peppermint will come in on time as I couldn’t find it anywhere in store here. Honestly… People all over the place love peppermint at Christmas, but apparently we Dutchies don’t…

Next time I’m trying to make them smaller, these are very big and more a big cookie than a snack.

The recipe is from here: Candy Cane Cookies


I didn’t take a picture of these after they were finished, but these are filled jalapenos and ready to be deep fried. I love these, they’re sooo good! For Christmas we’ll also be making them with small paprikas for the people that don’t like spicy food.

Recipe: How to Make the Best Deep-Fried Jalapeño Poppers


We were right in trying this recipe out today as this didn’t go according to plan, the idea was to coat the pineapple (and some frozen strawberries) in batter and deep fry them. The batter wasn’t sticky enough and kept sliding all over the place, but the ones that did work out came out really good! So there was that… The strawberries came out a little better than the pineapples, so we’re freezing the pineapples and then trying again tomorrow.

No recipe, just some experimentation.

This isn’t even all our recipes, we’ve got two other recipes to try, but since those don’t require the deep fryer, we did these first.

In the Netherlands it’s tradition to eat together as a family on Christmas. We have first and second Christmas day (the 25th and the 26th) and usually families go to one side of the family on the first day and the other side of the family on the second day. Since we celebrate Saint Nicholas on the 5th of December and there is a tradition of gifts then, we don’t celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th, just first and second Christmas day with lots of food.

How does your country celebrate Christmas? Who do you celebrate with?



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