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Holidailies 11: Winter Sea

I’ve spent the last weekend on one of the Dutch islands and while there is something about returning home, the sea is just so beautiful that I had to share with you all.

There are two things the Dutch islands are good at, well, actually three.

  1. Being windy
  2. Being grey
  3. Forests

The Dutch part of the Wadden Islands exist of five islands that are inhabited and a handful that aren’t. I went to the most eastern inhabited island, Schiermonnikoog. It’s a beautiful island, though not very large.

Wadden is the Dutch name for mudflats, which is something you can’t escape when you’re on the island.

Here is what mudflats look like.

During high tide this is all water and during low tide it’s all mud.

Some more impressions from my trip, dunes, trees, forest and sea!

Amazing how beautiful it all is, even when it’s cold and dreary.



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