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Holidailies 12: My New Creative Trial, Fusion Beads

Last week, before I went to the island I got these beauties in the mail. I was looking for something new and saw a Christmas themed video with these fusion beads, so I had to have them!

I had these beads about 20 years ago, before I found out about small glass beads like rocailles. I love beading, but small beads are impractical when you’ve got two cats who adore being annoying, and they always take so long.

Some of the stash and things I’ve made. The big jar is normal all colours mix, the middle jar is glow in the dark, and the small jar is from the dinosaur set, it’s got more neutral colours.

My cats really liked their likeness.

But now they’re in the tree.

And then I made another set of them.

It’s so much fun. It doesn’t require much concentration and even if I drop a bead, I can still find them. Which can be a struggle with smaller beads.

And sometimes I just love to make patterns and then just throw them back in. Like the big star below.

Did you have these when you were younger? Or do you have them now?



4 thoughts on “Holidailies 12: My New Creative Trial, Fusion Beads

  1. That does look like a lot of fun. I’ve seen these but never used them … and think I should keep it that way at least until I finish up some of the creative projects I’ve already got going on.

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