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ADHDailies 4: Distractions

As I was doing my weekly statistics and checks for my company, my boyfriend linked me his choices for the Top 2000 (which is a Dutch music list that one of our radio stations hosts between Christmas and midnight the 31st, so literally until the final moments until we go into the new year). I was able to finish my weekly stuff, but then, since I finished a little early, I also started filling out my Top 2000 choice list, which wasn’t that easy, but really fun, even though I totally don’t think most of my choices will make it high on the list. But I don’t care, I still like doing it.

Anyway, then I got side-tracked, since I put some songs by Madonna on the list, and I realised that I didn’t have any music by her. So I went to iTunes and bought the Ray of Light CD (Frozen is my #1 fav song by Madonna, it was also totally my song in my early goth years, when I was a “baby goth”) and the 2005 Celebration Deluxe edition since I love more of her singles than other numbers on her CDs. I’ll have to see about post-2005 songs, I kind of dropped out of finding my music the “old school” way (radio and TV) and started finding songs through friends and Youtube and things like that. So, I’ve missed a lot of her later work.

Going back to the word of the day, distractions. I often tend to go off on tangents, both in text, but also in my life, especially when I’m working and find a rabbit hole of things I’m going to be doing or supposed to be doing. In my recent blog post on timeblocking for ADHD, I talk about this a little, about calculating extra time into my schedule specifically for things like this. To make sure that even if it happens, I’ll still be able to do whatever I had on my planner.

Distractions are inevitable. After going down my rabbit hole of music, I actually came up with my word of the day “Distractions” and swapped out a task on my list to write this blog post before I do something else. Since I had the inspiration for it anyway. Distractions can be good or bad.

Bad distractions will pull you somewhere that you’re not supposed to go, and pulling out of it is something you’ll really need to do, even if you maybe can’t. Bad distractions can take up so much brain energy.

But I don’t want to focus on that, I want to focus on the good distractions. Because I got a little side-tracked, I now have music to listen to all day, music that give me happy memories and that will encourage me to keep working. Another recent distraction led to me filming my first Plan With Me video, which I loved doing and it looks like something I may be doing more of. Some distractions become happy and fun things, they’ll let you learn something new or they’ll let you change something in your life in a good way.

Those distractions, they’re the fun ones.

What was a recent fun distraction you had? Post them in the comments!



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