ADHDailies · Holidailies 2017

ADHDailies 3: Christmas Tree

The Holidailies are a holiday celebration event, and I did set up the Christmas tree last night… So, today’s word is Christmas Tree, yes, two words, don’t care…

I love setting up the tree. I love the light in the room and I love how it brings extra brightness into the house when it’s all dark and dreary outside.

We actually don’t have a real tree, we have a fake one, which we bought last year. This is our fourth Christmas living here, and I don’t think we had a tree the first year, but the second year I actually bought one and this is how I transported it:


I’m Dutch. Yes, I transported the tree on the back of my bike. This was already late, but I didn’t care, I still really wanted a tree. This is what it looked like:


We already bought plastic balls and other things for in the tree, since we’ve got two cats and we’re both pretty clumsy… It’s not easy to get nice looking ones that are plastic, so we generally just stick with the simple ones in red, gold and silver.

The biggest annoyance from a real tree is that they will lose their needles, and that requires regular cleaning, but those needles also always get caught in everything, you’ll find a random one in a sleeve of a shirt three months into the new year… So, last year, we bought a fake tree. No more needles! Our tree looks pretty good for a fake one and I love it just as much as a real one… or, maybe even more, because of the lack of painful needles for us and our cats.

Last year’s tree:


Here is what our tree looks like this year:


Lots of things in it, and it stands on some file cabinets, so it won’t be in the way of our desks too much. Although, it’s totally in the way of our TV… Not that we use it much, so we can just move the tree for the three or four times we’ll want to use it this month.

The star on top of the tree is new, it’s a cute LED star that changes colour constantly. Yay!

We also have a smaller one on the dining room table, this one has the star we had last year… It’s not as pretty, but it’s cute all the same.


I like the extra lights the trees give. These ones will turn on at 6 in the morning, when our alarms go off, and they will turn off at 11 at night, when my boyfriend goes to bed.

And, realistically, these are the only ‘plants’ we’re actually able to keep alive in our house… Mostly because the house is much too dark for basically anything to grow… Boo!

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?




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