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ADHDailies 2: Bed

Bed. Wait, what? Well, yeah. We all have to sleep at night, well hopefully at night… But something I see often with other people who have ADHD is that we don’t go to bed on time but also that we then don’t go to sleep on time.

So, today is about bed. Bedtime routines and bed surroundings.

First, my routine.

At nine in the evening, my Fitbit and my phone give me an alarm, telling me to get ready for bed. This alarm is at nine so that I can try to be in bed by nine thirty. This, of course, doesn’t always work like that, but I do try. The alarm goes, I generally try to get my last things done, either games or a chat or something I’m watching. I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible.

Then I get up, take my vitamins and melatonin (I get very bad anxiety/nightmares otherwise), and prepare to actually get to bed. Nothing much special here.

In bed, I actually read a little, this is the only time in my day that I read fiction, and I’ll read for about 30-45 minutes, until the melatonin has kicked in and I start to get too drowsy to read. By then, I’m usually exhausted, really exhausted, but my brain needs two things when I go to bed. One is the melatonin, and the second is getting a little distracted by reading a book.

I also can’t really read much fiction at other times anymore, because my brain has now associated reading with going to bed soon… A little downside to my routine.

My surroundings.

I sleep on the wall-side of our bed, my side is right up against the wall, no space between it. This does come in handy as it allows me to put stuff next to me on the bed, but far away that I won’t accidentally hit it in my sleep or push it off the bed.

I only have two things with me in bed. The first is a simple battery powered alarm clock. It’s not too big, but it does exactly what I need it to do. It tells me the time (and date and temperature in the room) and the alarm works well. That’s all I ask of it. Time and alarm.

My second item is my kindle. I have a simple e-ink (so with the black and white screen) kindle that I read on each evening. The e-ink is great because the screen doesn’t glare before bed and it doesn’t have apps or anything else like that. It’s a book, just a little thinner and I have a bigger collection to choose from when I want to read. It also allows me to set the font size bigger, which is nice when your eyes are tired and you don’t want to squint at your screen (I normally wear glasses). It’s totally distraction-free reading. It’s me and the page. Well, me, the page, and my slowly zoning out brain. I do not have the fingers or toes to count how often I’ve accidentally let go of my kindle while reading and the thing having hit me straight in the face… It hurts. It’s a great wake-up call to actually put the thing aside though…

So, bed. Routine and surroundings. What are yours?



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