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Hobonichi 2017: Hobonichi haul!!

The first time I ordered from the Hobonichi store, I only ordered a Hobonichi Cousin and a pencil board last time, but with the Spring collection coming out and some out-of-stock items being back available, I couldn’t help myself. So, here is my haul!!


The box! The pretty pretty box! Yeah, there is this stupid clear bag thing stuck on it by the delivery company, but the other side had all the customs papers on it, so this was its best side. I always get so excited when I get things in the mail even when I ordered them myself. I sometimes feel so silly about it, but at the same time… I love it!!

It’s like giving myself a present, even if I already know what is in it. I guess the magic is the getting part, not the knowing part. Yay! Presents!

Okay, moving on.


My cats also loved it! They were very happy to play with the weird new box-bag-thing!


The pink box! I actually still have the other box, it’s behind me on my shelves taking up some space that I didn’t know what to do with otherwise. It now houses all the little booklets and other things that come with the Hobonichi when you order things. I like collecting these things, it feels like some form of memory keeping, even if it’s not in a book or something. I may actually start using the box to collect a few more memory things in it, it seems like a good size.


Insides, with the cover on cover over the top of all the things.


All the goodies!! Yes, I didn’t take a shot with the brown paper in it, that seemed kinda useless, you know? The colours! I love all the colours!!

Honestly, I looked at everything and turned to my boyfriend to say “If you’d only ever seen my pictures of my planner hauls, you’d never guess that I only (basically) ever wear black.” He looked at me, and agreed with me. But he doesn’t mind, he said they looked good. So, I’m happy.

Anyway, a quick list of what is in the box:
3 cover on covers
2 covers
Pilot Kakuno in purple
Photograph pockets
Basic stencil
2 pencil boards


Covers on covers. All of my covers are light colours, so I wanted something to protect them. My Sherbet A6 cover I’ve been using for a week or two/three now and even though it hasn’t even left my desk area once, it’s already got some specks of dirt on it. By using the cover on cover I’m hoping to prevent that from happening further.

Since I already used a plastic cover on my Hobonichi, I’m hoping that the plastic feeling of this one won’t make it feel much different.



I’m so glad I got these!!! I’m in LOVE!! The front one is the Snow Pink cover, it was out of stock when I ordered my Hobonichi, so I didn’t get it back then. I’m kind of ambivalent on the colour pink these days. I used to never like the colour, but I’m realising I’m actually collecting a lot of pink things these days. So, yeah, I’d like to say, I’m not much of a fan of the colour, but ehh… I guess that is just habit in saying that (she says while looking at her bright dark pink glitter nails…). I guess I’m learning that I can appreciate a good bold pink.

And on that note. The pink of the Snow Pink, it’s a nice hard pink, slightly on the dark side. I was worried about it at first, but it’s very nice. The outside is a lovely light grey which really compliments the pink inside.

And then the special 2017 spring cover for the A5. OMG! The outside is more of a rough canvas in comparison to the other covers that I have. The clouds and cross hatch pattern is so pretty and very dreamy. And I love the bright spring green on the inside! This really is very much a “spring” cover. To me, this feels like dreaming of the year ahead kind of thing.


And the other little bits and pieces.

I’d been looking at the Pilot Kakuno fountain pens for a while, I’d only ever seen them in grey, not this white edition. But when I saw this one (and they said there were only 5 left) I had to have it! It’s lovely, it writes really nicely. One surprise though, it came with a black cartridge, most pens I know usually come with blue, so I didn’t expect that. But, that was not an issue for me. The Fine nib on this is thinner than my Extra Fine on my Lamy pens, which can be something to think about for some people. It writes so smooth, and the sound it makes on the paper… I love it!

The photo booklet seemed like a good addition to my set, especially if I want to store and collect a few things, though the sizing says it’s probably too small for any photos printed here in the Netherlands at a regular size. But at the moment, I’m actually keeping stickers in it, so it’s fine. I can still use it for what I wanted it for and that is collecting things like receipts and stuff like that.

The green stencil is the basic stencil, which was also out of stock when I ordered the first time. I like that it has so many different types of things in it, and also the size, it’s nice and small and easy to tuck away in the planner.

And finally, the pencil boards. I wanted one for my art journal (my A6 Hobonichi), but now I think that maybe I should have gotten two for that one, as I often make spreads instead of just a single day, but I’ll figure something out. The A5 pencil board was actually for my memory book, but I’ve already put it in my Hobonichi to make sure I get a two page spread with the one I already had. I like making my own, but I realised that I also appreciate the smoothness of the official ones.


Here is the whole stack together! From top to bottom:
Pilot Kakuno in F nib
Hobonichi Techo English with Sherbet cover and cover on cover. This is my art book, where I (try to) do art in daily.
Hobonichi Cousin with Snow Pink cover and cover on cover. My daily planner. It looks a lot more purple than it is, it’s really just light grey.
Stalogy 365 Days Notebook in A5 with the Hobonichi Cousin spring cover and cover on cover. This is my memory book, I put things in here that I want to remember later. This is not a Hobonichi, but it has the same dimensions, so it’s a perfect fit.

Here are some more detailed pictures, I just took these, so they’re made in different lighting at a different time of the day, so the colours may look a little different from above.

First, my art journal.

I’ll probably share more of this at some point (I really have a list of like… 15 to 20 topics I want to write blog posts about, and that doesn’t include things that just sometimes pop up like this haul post), but it may take a while. For now, you can see some of them on my Instagram.


The cover on cover didn’t change much for this book, as I’ve always used it with the regular cover. I love the colour of this, it’s a lovely light blue, and it kind of reminds me of ramune for some reason. Ramune is a Japanese pop/soda that tastes of bubblegum and is also a very pretty light blue. It comes in special bottles that are awesome. The pen is a Uni Jetstream 4+1, which means that it has four colours (red, green, blue and black) and a mechanical pencil. I mostly use it to keep this book closed as I find that it’s actually a little too big to comfortably write with.


I’m skipping to the bottom one next, my Stalogy with the Hobonichi Spring cover (and cover on cover). I immediately felt how it made it a lot bigger, which I’m not sure about how much I’ll like. Though, this one will mostly stay at home and be used just to collect memories in, so the size shouldn’t matter much, but this is a worry with my Cousin, as I do take that one with me everywhere.

The pen I bought online somewhere last year or something, I can’t remember. I don’t use it much because it takes too long to dry, but I do love the look of it and I thought it would look cute as a closing pen.

The cover is amazing, it feels a little more bulky and sturdy than the other ones, and I love the fabric of it. And the colours are amazing, like I said, it really gives the feeling of spring and dreaming. Which is great for a memory book. I basically use this to stick in receipts, little bits and pieces of packaging and articles and things like that. Things that have memories for me and my boyfriend. I’m hoping to fill this book in 2017, so I can use a new book in 2018. Just one per year sounds good.

And now for my main planner. You can see what it looked like in my previous posts, my unboxing and my flip through, as some of those elements return in this one.


I kept my focus words on the cover, with the cover on cover this was very easy, I could just slip them in like I had before. I think this gives it just that little bit of personality, and the colours combine well with the cover, so that is nice too. The pen is a Lamy Safary in the 2016 special edition Dark Lilac, I adore this pen, it’s so nice!

The stencil fits very nicely in the front pocket and I just think it’s really cute. In the back I put the photograph pockets thing, the back of it is slipped between the book and the cover and the front is slipped inside the cover on cover, so it keeps it closed when I don’t use it. For now, I just store some page marking stickers (see post about that here) in it, as it fits perfectly.

I am a little worried about the size though… I like the A5 size of the cousin, I’ve been using A5 planners for a year now and the size feels right for me, but this cover, especially with cover on cover almost adds an inch in both directions and makes it a lot thicker. I’m not sure if I like that. I always wondered about people commenting that the A5 was so big, and with just the (barely) naked Cousin, I didn’t get it, but with this cover on it. Now I do. It just really feels substantially bigger, which, hmm. I’ll have to try this for a while before I decide on it. I love the way it look though, so that is good!

Wow! I was planning on writing a quick post about my new Hobonichi things, and that kinda turned into a very long post… Whoops.

As always, any questions or comments, leave them below!




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