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Hobonichi 2017 Flip Through Jan (1-20)

You know, you’d almost think there was such a thing as a life outside of the internet. Anyway, it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I’ve been wanting to give an update on how and if I’m using my Hobonichi (yes, I am) and especially show off a few things I’ve been doing. So, even though this isn’t a video as most more sophisticated people do, here is a flip through of my Hobonichi for about the first 3 weeks of January 2017.

*Checks previous post to see what she already talked about*

For pics on all the different pages and my first thoughts you can look at that post. I still stand with basically everything I’ve said back then. On the topic of the pencil board/bookmark thing… I’m making a separate post on that later, as I’ve created some of my own and I find it very handy because of the thin paper of the Hobonichi. Do look forward to that one!

So, I’ve been really good and have really enjoyed my notebook these last three weeks. I was originally scared that I wouldn’t be able to fill the pages, or not able to fill them enough to really make me not feel like I’m wasting pages. But wow! I’m pretty happy with everything right now, you’ll see why soon.

Let’s start from the front.

Front and back. I made two word outlines and printed them, then I coloured them in myself and slid them into the clear cover. This way I get a very personalised planner and a constant reminder of my “word of the year” which this year is balance, mainly between my work and other life (which, writing a blog post at 11.30 pm on a Friday… I’m still working on). It’s very simple, but really effective! Some colour, some focus and still a smooth and very easy to handle planner. The size is something I’m still very happy with, perfectly fine for my needs and easy to take with me!


I still use the regular Hobonichi pencil board, though I also use a sheet that I made myself (no pics here, but will be in a future post). The white Totoro sticky is for my monthly page and the green one for my weekly page. That way I can go to them immediately. They’ve held up pretty well and the space between the tab on the pencil board and the two stickies is just right for the elastic closure to fit between.


Small pocket-ish space from the clear cover is easy to store a few things. These Magic the Gathering booster packets will go into my memory book, but I’m still waiting for it to arrive. It took me a while to choose what type of book I wanted for that and then where to order it. But I’ve got a Stalogy coming my way for my memory book.


Monthly sheet for January, with some private things blurred out. I track things that need to get done (the yellow bar at the bottom tells me to put the paper recycling at the street that day) and TV shows and on what day they’re airing. At the top corner you can see my new fountain pen that I adore. More pictures of it can be seen on my Instagram account.


Pen test page. Nothing bleeds, lots of shadowing, but that is expected with paper that you can almost see through, anything is visible. But nothing has actually gone through the pages just yet. Which is awesome. The bottom two big black swatches are brush pens, and pretty wet ones too, but they came out really nice.

At the top left you can see a writing sample with the Hobonichi pen, next to some highlighters and my fountain pens. At the far right a sample with my newest fountain pen. This page is so lovely, but I basically only use the pens that are tested on the top half of this picture, just the Hobonichi pen and the fountain pens (and some highlighters).


Weeklies. As you can see, I’m planning a little more now that I’m getting more into the year and I’m trying to get back to a good weekly schedule… Yeah, still working on it. The colours on the last two pictures are the Mildliners from Zebra and I adore them. I’d seen them and they looked very handy since they’re not as bright, so you can make a schedule without it being too obtrusive. Which, I think, they’re perfect for. Just look at this page, I think it’s beautiful and the fact that the colours are not super bright really helps with that.


Day one. I’ve tried a few things here, I translated the quote at the bottom with Google Translate, which went well enough, but it was pretty fiddly. Also, a few quotes from Getting Things Done by David Allen, which you will find more, as I’m reading it at the moment.


Day two and three. More quoted from the book. I’ve really started to love my Platinum Preppy fountainpens for this. They write so smoothly and because of the limited number of colours, I don’t spend a long time deciding on what colour to use for everything. I love using the Hobonichi to keep track of what I’m reading and the most important things I’ve read on that day. I usually don’t fill it out immediately, as I do my reading very early in the morning and I never know what I’m up against for the rest of the day.

As I read, I write quotes and other things I feel that are important in my non-fiction reading book and, usually, I’ll put one of the quotes or ideas into my Hobonichi either at the end of the day, or more likely, the next morning after my reading for that day. Colouring the quotes helps both to make the ideas more fun to look at and also to keep the idea that every whole is made up of parts and that you need to identify and realise those parts before starting.


This isn’t a very busy spread. I mostly spend the days relaxing after a crazy busy weekend and on the Jan 11 I watched a video from one of my favourite Youtube channels, Thomas Frank and his Four Steps to Learn a Skill Quickly video specifically. I wrote down the steps explained in the video here and also the source of where he got his ideas. This way I keep both a reminder for myself of what I thought was interesting but also a reminder where I got that information.


More Getting Things Done ideas on the left and just a recipe for my lunch on the right. I was trying out a new high veggies and low carb lunch. It was amazing but maybe a little bit too involved for normal afternoons.


This spread was actually pretty empty before I made my big Magic the Gathering spreads on them. This is all done in fountainpens. I spent most of the 17th going through my MTG cards as it was cold and that just really put me off doing much work for the day. I had to look up a couple of things for making my own playable deck, and I back-dated my information. I’m used to having my information all over the place because of my Bullet Journal from last year. So, putting a note on the 17th (and 18th) that the information is on this page, and then writing it on a separate sheet at the front of the book, means I get to use up pages that haven’t gotten much on them in a way that is useful.

As I mention above, I was afraid that I’d have a lot of empty pages and that that would put me off things. But this way I get to both keep most of my information in a single place (as I had with my Bullet Journal) and I get to use up (mostly) empty pages. And adding those colours, they’re so lovely!


Quotes, information, work. All sorts of things on a single page. Some ideas for future projects, all mixed together. And I may not be an artist or a journaler, but I’ve found that I love collecting information and just storing them in here really makes it interesting to look back and to make sure I don’t lose the information. The colours make it prettier than the information actually is, and that is perfectly fine with me!


A very pretty and a not-so-pretty page right next to each other. The 18th was also mostly spent on MTG, so I traced the logo and put that in the Hobonichi. On the 19th, I bought some new pens and inks and even a new brush pen, which I then played all over the page with… Lots of interesting lines and things to do with that brush.

Here is a step-by-step of me making the MTG logo on the left.


The pen is all fountain pens (the Platinum Preppy pens to be exact) and the pencil at the back is a multi-colour neon pencil that gave the whole page a bit more coherence.


And something I can’t live without anymore, my TV series page (no movies yet). All series I’m watching, this way I don’t lose track of where I am in a story. Especially handy when I binge-watch a new series and I can’t remember exactly where I was previously. I started doing this in my Bullet Journal and it was one of the things I really liked about it. The small grid in the Hobonichi may allow me to just one one or two pages for my series this year. Let’s see about that at some other time.

Overall, I’m sooo sooo happy with this planner! For now, I seem to be able to handle my pages filling pretty well and I’m so impressed with the paper that I’ve got an A6 Hobonichi coming my way for me to actually do some more artsy things in. That, on top of my memory book. Yes, more and more paper to fill for me.

And I’m excited!!

Are you sticking to your new planner yet? Or did you get so excited before you gave up? Share!




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