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Holidailies 18: Weekly Food Planning: Making Your Own Recipe Book (in a Disk Bound System)

In this day and age, most people will probably find their recipes online. I love that I can just search some ingredients and get a whole host of recipes to make with them. But when I’m in the kitchen… I don’t have a device with a screen near me, and I can’t be the only person who bookmarks a recipe, only to forget its existence… For that reason, I’ve started collecting recipes in my own “Recipe Book”, that way they’re always at hand and I can go through them as I would with other recipe books. The best part, they’ll all be recipes I’m actually interested in making! You can, of course, make this in other systems too, but my examples will use a disk bound system as I like the versatility of it.

I got to know disk bound systems last year from some author friends. There are some planner systems that use them (The Happy Planner for example) but there are also other things like Staples’ ARC system that offer lined, squared and other types of paper. What I like best about it is that I can add my own paper to it, I can do with it whatever I want, and that I can take paper out and add it back in without issues. I even make my own covers. Anyway, I’m getting distracted, back to the book.

In my book I collect recipes from all sorts of sources, for example, these are recipe cards from stores and a cut-out from a magazine. The other page is printed, but I changed the recipe to meet our needs. Having printed the recipe off, making notes on them is easy and means that you won’t have to adapt the recipe again the next time that you make it.

Some people will recognise this page, as I also showed parts of it in my Edge Markers post. At the top you can see my protein markers, at the bottom the carbs markers and in between the “No veggies” marker. I do track if there isn’t veggies in a recipe because some recipes will have meat and a form of carbs but lack any veggies, so for those recipes I’ll need to add some greens. In the same way, there is a “No carbs” option. Under protein there is a “No meat” and a “Vegetarian” option, these are two different things. You can have a full meal without any meat, which would fall under my “Vegetarian” option, but sometimes you’ll have a special way of making carbs, veggies or a combination of the two where you do need to add a form of protein to come to a full meal. We do have recipes of both types, so I mark them differently.

The recipes in the book itself are in alphabetical order, and I use the markers to differentiate between different types of recipes. I could have ordered them differently but I couldn’t decide if I should order them by meal type (they’re basically all dinners), or by carb type or by meat type, so, in the end, I stayed with alphabetical and I now use edge markers to sort them somewhat. I also have the book split into two halves. The front half is recipes we’ve yet to try and the back half are recipes that we’ve made before (this to encourage us to try new recipes).

Let’s start!

To make your recipe book you’ll need

  • Rings plus front and back for the ARC system (or other system) [not shown in picture as I’ve already created those, the front and back are simple thick purple paper with a plastic sheet over them]
  • Punch for your system
  • Paper to print on
  • Recipes [I’ll be using my Chorizo and Paprika Pasta Sauce recipe that I posted a few days ago]

Print the recipe and punch the holes in.

Add markers for easy searching.

Put it in your notebook.

Also, by using a system of loose papers, you can take a recipe out and have it with you while you’re cooking, or putting it elsewere (in a planner or in front of the book) when you’re planning your meals, for easier access.

Do you have good places where you find recipes? Have you made your own digital or paper based recipe system? Share below!



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