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Holidailies 9: Food Friday – Easy and Healthy Oven Recipe

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite winter recipes. It doesn’t really have a name, we call it “veggies from the oven”, but it’s a lot more than that, it also includes carbs and meat. It’s easy, warm, healthy and relatively fast, depending on your idea of fast. Also, it’s cheap!

The basic recipe is like this:

4 portions:
meat (depends on the type, between 200 and 400 grams)
400/500 grams of veggies (something that keeps its shape)
450 grams of potato (we like either wedges or really tiny potatoes)
1/2 tbs olive oil
salt/pepper/spices to taste

Prep veggies, prep potato, prep meat (if needed). Combine in bowl, add oil and spices.
Dump onto plate, spread out, put into preheated oven at 200C or 392F and bake for 30-40 minutes. Take out when meat is done, and the rest is golden and a little crisp.

Yeah, it’s totally up to you how healthy you make the recipe. We keep it quite simple and basic, but it’s so good, especially when it’s cold out. Here are two different variations we’ve made recently.


500 grams of Brussels sprouts
400 grams of home made fries
200 grams of bacon (in cubes, it’s a Dutch thing)

The sauce drizzled over it on the bottom pic is sriracha sauce, which I love.

This is actually one of my favourite ways to eat Brussels sprouts. They’re a lot sweeter this way and there is no bad smell (the one you can get during cooking). It’s soo sooo good!


500 grams of Brussels sprouts
2 paprikas
400 grams of sweet potato fries
400 grams of really thick slices of bacon cut into pieces

Like I said, we love Brussels sprouts this way.

We also sometimes make this with pieces of chicken or fish, depending on what we have at home or what is on sale at the store. You can really make it as cheap and healthy as you want. Sure, bacon isn’t that healthy, but nice pieces of chicken can be. And you can totally change the proportions of the recipe, for example by adding more veggies. Though I don’t think our oven could fit much more.

Do you like Brussels sprouts? Do you make your own fries from the oven (instead of frying them)? Share below!



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