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Holidailies 5: Traveling

Today is all about traveling, I’m leaving London and going back home. I’m tired, and cold and probably a day away from catching some bug. But here are some thoughts about the weekend and the week ahead.

I was really ready for a long weekend away. I’ve been under so much stress for the past months. Writing, publishing, other related stuff. I’ve had nights where I wondered if this was even worth it anymore. If I should just quit and work some brain-dead job that will at least give me a stable monthly income. But knowing our local economy, even that wouldn’t be stable. I’m a university graduate with a masters degree and I wouldn’t be able to find a better paying job in my field…

So, back to the trip. I’ve walked waaaay too much. I’ve seen London Tower, London Bridge, South Bank, Camden, Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Saint James’s Park, first three on Friday, second three on Saturday and final three on Sunday. Basically left around eleven each morning and came back to the hotel between three and four, totally exhausted. Next time I really need to do better time-management.

I was really lucky though, because even though it was cold, it’s been dry all weekend. So I was able to go everywhere I wanted.

Going forward, I need to make a plan for what I’m going to do. This month is going to be crazy busy and this isn’t my only trip. I’ve got books to write, books to publish and even more plans to make for next year. All fun!


6 thoughts on “Holidailies 5: Traveling

  1. “Writing, publishing, other related stuff. I’ve had nights where I wondered if this was even worth it anymore. If I should just quit and work some brain-dead job that will at least give me a stable monthly income.” I hear you on that! But it occurs to me that after freelancing for 7 years, I might very well be unemployable. I can just imagine the first unnecessary meeting I have to sit through. “So now that we’re done waiting for stragglers and have all said our niceties, can we get on with it? Because I have actual work to do today.” And then I’d be freelancing again an hour later.

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    1. Yeah, things like that do keep me from giving up. Though, before this I’ve worked in a warehouse for an online store and walking around delivering mail. Which both luckily don’t require meetings, but weren’t very mentally fulfilling for me.
      But I also don’t think I could be a freelancer, I don’t like being dependent on other people.


      1. Not sure what you mean. I’m not dependent on anyone. That was the point of becoming a freelancer: I’m not at the mercy of a boss or layoffs. No one is financially supporting me. Sink or swim, it’s all me.

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      2. I see. Well, the trick is marketing yourself and working with a lot of different clients so that if it’s dry for one client one month, there’s work from others. Freelancing is about 40% marketing (pitching, letting clients know you’re available and how much time you can give them, networking, etc.) and 60% actual work, and it can be stressful, but at least if one client dries up, there are always others, whereas with a day job, if you get laid off, that’s it. Your income is unemployment. And if you get fired for some reason, like a boss with a mental health issue gets a hair up her backside, then you’re really stuck because then you can’t even collect unemployment. I feel more in charge of my fate, for better or worse, than I did at my last two day jobs. But the threshold is definitely different from person to person, and it is a pain when clients try to stiff you.

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      3. Yeah, I’m in a slightly different position as I’m not dependent on clients. That would actually still definitely scare me. I’d still feel dependent on someone.
        Though, the situation I’m in now, publishing on Amazon isn’t that stress-free either, though it’s better now that Amazon is only 66% of my income, not 100% anymore.


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