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Holidailies 3: Planner Travel Kit

As a companion post to yesterday’s Author Travel Kit, today I’m talking about my planner travel kit.

These are all stored in the Rhodia notebook on the right. It has a back pocket where I always put in a few items.

The Rhodia notebook is an A5 Rhodiarama dotted notebook, perfect for fountain pens I’ve found. The paper quality is high and I haven’t found a pen yet that it doesn’t like. In the past I’ve used my brush pens and my calligraphy pen (Lamy Joy 1.9mm) in it without any issues.

Next up, my purple triangle ruler (is there a better name for this in English?). It’s quite old, probably about 10 years almost. But the size and the thickness make it perfect to store it in the back of the notebook. It fits exact horizontally over a single page in the notebook, so it’s also very useful.

And finally, coloured stickers and tabs. I use the stickers to colour code important pages in the notebook (blue for media, green for food related pages) and the tabs are for important pages within those categories. This way I can easily identify my note pages in between my planner pages.

I of course also use the pen set from the previous post, which has a range of pens so I can plan things the way I need to.

This is what I always pack in my bag. Two notebooks and a pen case. My life reduced to the most important elements. I will take this everywhere with me. My planner notebook to plan and make life notes, my writing notebook to jot down creative things and my pens to make it all just that little bit more fun.

What does your planner look like and how do you carry it around?



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