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Holidailies 2: Author Travel Kit

Day two, and since I’m not at home and don’t have all my pics here for some of the posts I’d like to do I’m writing about one of the things I do have with me, my author travel kit.

There are a couple of things that I always have with me when I go places for travel or even just working outside the house. Because I use this so often, I’ve been able to get it down to just the basics.

First is my laptop, I use a Windows computer and write in Scrivener. I also use a music player as I like to listen to music as I write.

This brings me to my next item, headphones. I use ones that are pretty noise cancelling and they have a volume control slider on them (which was hard to find). I love them and they come in this little bag. Normally I use white in-ear headphones, but they don’t have the volume control slider on them and since the laptop won’t properly play low volume, I got the second pair, which now live in my work bag.

Next up, writing gear. This is my normal set that always lives in my pen case. It includes 

  • Pilot Rex Grip extra fine in blue
  • Set of six Lamy Plus pencils
  • Bic mechanical pencil 
  • Three Lamy Safari fountain pens (black one has blue ink, purple has purple ink, green has red ink)

The fountain pens are in a plastic bag so I can safely take them on the plane. Fountain pens can leak when the pressure on the plane changes, but now, even if they do, it won’t leak all over my pen case or my bag. WIN!

Finally, my favourite notebook. This Oxford notebook is slightly modified by me, I gave it an elastic band closure and a bookmark ribbon. I adore the paper quality of this notebook and it’s pretty darn strong to keep being shoved into bags.

It houses outlines, story ideas, creative plans and things like that. Basically everything that I don’t write down in my planner, I store in here.

So, this is my writer travel kit. All the essentials for me to keep working even when I’m not at home.
What do you think of it? Do you have a kit that you take with you on trips for your creative things? Or even when you’re on a work trip?


8 thoughts on “Holidailies 2: Author Travel Kit

  1. I don’t, but my kids do. Both girls have “art folders” and will pack a tote bag of drawing paper, markers, pencils, etc etc! It adds up to a lot of clutter, but at least they are planning ahead!

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  2. When I’m on assignment I take my tablet (Kindle Fire) and Bluetooth keyboard. So much easier and more quiet than lugging around a laptop. I’ll also take a small memo pad (remember those?) to write down key words to remember the day by if I have a chance to see the sights.

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    1. Memo pads are pretty awesome too! My laptop is really small, only an 11″ screen, so not much different from a tablet, but it has a full OS and runs all my standard programs. I specifically searched for it. Thank you so much for your comment!


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