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Holidailies 1: December plans

So many things this month, I’m not at home for at least two weekends (I’m on my way to London right now), I’ve got lots of deadlines as an author, I’ve been using the Bullet Journal for a year this month, and I’ve got all sorts of planners, stickers and other planning things coming in. So, today I’d like to talk a bit about everything, to start off easy.

I’m writing this on my phone, so please excuse any typos.



For people who don’t know what Holidailies are, it’s an event where for the whole of December you post on your blog at least once per day. I’ve had some plans for this blog, and I think I that this is a great way to both reach more readers and to find new blogs. It also should get you some awesome content from not just me, but if you click on the Holidailies image on the side of the blog you should be brought to the Holidailies website where you can find even more blogs that participate (for people on mobile devices, it should be at the end of the page or I’ll add a link to this post when I’m at a computer).
Okay, so, I’ve been wanting to go to a Christmas themed London for years, and finally this year I’ve got both the time and opportunities to do so. I’m really looking forward to it, just because of all the lights and things like that. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas, but I am a huge fan of sparkly lights and glitter, and weird other country ways of celebrating holidays. I’ve heard so many stories and seen so many pictures that I wanted to experience it for myself. So, yeah, YAY!!!

When I get back, I should have gotten some new planner supplies in and I should get even more before the end of the year. I’ve been in love with my Rhodia notebook and Bullet Journal system, but sometimes I just need more stability without it costing me days and days to create it (not that I didn’t spend days and days finding and deciding on these planners…). I’ll probably keep at least one Rhodia notebook, but mostly because of how easy it is to use for quick work planning and ideas. That is on top of a lined notebook for actual words, I’ll see if I can dedicate a whole post to my notebooks later this month. Especially since I’m a fountain pen user, this means I’ve got some specific needs for my books.

This month will probably have quite a couple of posts dedicated to food too. As many people know, I love food and especially easy and healthy comfort food. With the dark months now and all the stress from Christmas coming up, I think that they’ll be appreciated. So, do look forward to some easy, healthy(-ish) food that won’t break the bank and is perfect for the time of the year.

So, to people who are new, welcome, and to the people that were already following this blog, welcome back. I hope you’ll enjoy this month with me!




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