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Stabilo pens review! (Point 68 and 88)

Today I got some new pens in! I already had a wrap of the Stabilo 68, which are the felt tip pens, but today I also got a roll of Stabilo 88 in, which are the fineliner pens. I’ve been using the felt tip pens a lot in my Bullet Journal, so I loved the idea of pens that would match the ones I already had (more on that later), and I also picked up a small sleeve of just the neon colours for the felt tips.

From left to right: roll with 30 Point 88 fineliners, roll with Point 68 felt tips, sleeve with 6 Point 68 neon colours.

I bought the Stabilo 68 pens about a year or more ago, way before I started Bullet Journaling. Originally they were supposed to be for some colouring, but they’ve been mostly gathering dust until I got my Rhodia notebook for Bullet Journaling. As I’ve been making more colourful spreads (especially monthly spreads) I realised that I can’t write properly with the Point 68 ones, they’re too broad to really get the words readable in the 5mm spacing of the dot grid.

So, even though I’m supposed not to spend anything on stationery this month, I bought a roll of the Point 88 and, of course, because I had to match them, also a sleeve with the Point 68 neon colours.

My first impression? They’re really nice!! I really like them for the few things I’ve used them for now. The neon colours are nice, they’re a lot like just regular text markers, but in sizes that allow a little more variation with what I do with them. The Point 88 have good colours and write really smooth.

Top row: Stabilo Point 68 sleeve of 6 neons and the regular 25 pen roll. Bottom row: Stabilo Point 88 roll of 30 pens, the 5 neons are on the far right.

The Point 68 are 1.0 mm felt tip pens and have a good range of colours but I do have some things that I’m “meh” about:

  • I would like it if there was a brown fewer, I know these are often used for colouring, but I basically don’t use the final 5 colours on the left at all.
  • There is a weird grey-purple colour (you can see it between the blue and the purple) that isn’t really grey but isn’t purple either. The pen itself (as you can see above) is a really dark blue-purple colour and totally doesn’t match the colour it actually gives.
  • The yellow on the far end… not that impressed with, it shows up decently in the picture here, but in reality, it’s barely visible.

I do really like how the neon colours came out though! Very bright! Very useful! Some people warned me that they’d be hard to read, but I only think that of the yellow colour, the rest seemed to be pretty easy to read.

The Point 68 felt tips, in the order I’ve got them in my roll (not the official order they came in)

The Point 88 are 0.4 mm fineliners and also come in a good range of colours, as expected, though the range is slightly different. Also some “meh” colours here:

  • There is a strange dark brown-green-grey colour (6th from the left) that I’m not really sure about, plus it doesn’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the colours.
  • There are a couple more lighter colours in here that I’m not as impressed with (light grey, light pink, light purple)

Again, the neon colours come out really nicely, though the yellow would be harder to read if you’d try to write words with it.

Point 88 fineliners, also not in the official order, but the order I sorted them in.

These colours do not bleed in my Rhodia Rhodiarama which has 90 grams paper and is in cream colour. They also don’t raise the paper or make it otherwise feel weird (which can sometimes happen with wetter pens, especially felt tips).

I totally messed up when I was making my weekly yesterday, which I shared on Instagram, but then I realised it would make a good comparison place for the two pens, both to compare colours and to see the whole range of colours that are in the two wraps together. I’m not sure if you can read it, but I wrote the number of the colours in pencil above the two watches. Top row is the Point 68, bottom row the Point 88. I also put the matching neon colours if they had a regular equivalent (the 0 before the colour number means that it’s a neon version).

Colours all next to each other, the range has definitely expanded like this.

Overall, of the 25 basic colours, 18 are a match. Which is a good overlap between the two, of the differing colours, they are all over the range so it’s not just in one part of the colour spectrum.

One thing that really stood out though… The number and colours for number 44 and 32 are mixed up. As they are in the picture, that is how they are numbered on the actual pens. With the Point 68, the pens match the colour of the ink, on the Point 88, the pens do not match the ink inside. Just keeping them side by side, they seem swapped, like something went wrong somewhere in the process of making these. So, for the Point 68, the light blue is 41 and the dark blue is 32, but for the Point 88, the dark blue is 41 and the light blue is 32. Whoops?

Also, the orange 54 in Point 88 looks more like the orange 30 from Point 68. As there is no 30 in Point 88, I can’t be sure if there is another swap issue, or what is exactly going on. but the Point 68 and point 88 number 54 do not match up.

Apart from that, look at that range of colours!!! Definitely worth it!

Thanks for making it all the way until the end! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!



Full-size picture of the featured image of this post.



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